Charleston: A Haunted History

When you think of Charleston, South Carolina, the first thing that comes to mind is probably not a haunted house, but there are some haunted locations here. You can find Southern Gothic architecture and discover places some consider to have an eerie feel about them.

Whether or not you are into horror or the paranormal, you will no doubt appreciate visiting somewhere that has something of an air of mystery about it because of strange sightings and goings on. It will make for a great talking point back at home.

To make this kind of trip possible, why not stay in a hotel to do it? You can then at least have a comfortable night. If you check out, you can find a suitable hotel in Charleston that will cater to your needs.

Let’s discover more about two haunted locations.

The John Rutledge House

The John Rutledge House was built in 1763 and is one of the oldest buildings in Charleston. It is said to be haunted by the ghost of John Rutledge, who was a signer of the Declaration of Independence.

The location of the house is 116 Broad Street in Charleston, South Carolina.

The Dock Street Theatre

Once Charleston’s first theatre, it has had its tragedies, including a devastating fire. It has since become famous for ghostly activity.

The ghosts named here include Junius Booth and Nettie Dickerson.

Junius Booth was the father of an infamous presidential assassin. Nettie has been spotted in the theatre wearing what is claimed to be a tatty red dress.

The Perfect Location for Those Into the Paranormal

Charleston is the perfect location for ghost hunters because of these haunted historic places that exist. It is a city with a long history of ghosts and hauntings. If you’re looking for a place to stay in Charleston that is not haunted, though, check out its many hotels where you can stay just away from the haunted places. Then you can avoid one type of spirit, at least.

And while you are in the city, why not check out what else there is to see? You can then make the most of your trip and please the whole family.

Other Attractions to Visit While Staying in Charleston

Charleston is a beautiful city with plenty of other attractions to see, even if not all of your family are fans of The American Horror Story. It is home to many historical landmarks and buildings, some of which date back to the colonial era. Charleston’s historic downtown area is filled with 18th and 19th-century architecture.

We list below some buildings and places of particular historical interest.

  • The Charleston Museum, founded in 1773, is America’s first museum and houses a collection of Charleston-related artifacts, artwork, and furniture.
  • The Charleston Library Society, founded in 1748, is the oldest library in America and has a collection of over 100,000 books. Anyone looking to broaden their mind with historical facts will find something here.
  • The Old Exchange & Provost Dungeon, built in 1771, was once a place of commerce and a prison. Today it is a museum with exhibits on Charleston’s history.
  • Fort Sumter is the site of the first battle of the Civil War and a must for military historians.
  • The Charleston Tea Plantation is the only tea plantation in America. You can tour the grounds and learn about how tea is made.
  • Middleton Place is a historic plantation with gardens that date back to 1741. If you are into gardening or want to feel at one with nature for some relation, this is a great place to explore.
  • Charleston is also home to several beautiful parks and gardens, such as White Point Garden, Battery Park, and Waterfront Park.

If you’re looking for a city with history, ghosts, and haunted buildings, Charleston is the perfect place for you to take your next vacation. Alone if you dare, or with your whole family.

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