A Fun Way To Pass Down Your History To Your Children and Grandchildren

Whether you’re a parent, a grandparent, both or neither, you have a family history that should be shared. There’s no better way to pass that down to those who might be interested than with a customized journal, photo book or autobiography. The following are some steps to get you started.

Figure Out The Details Of Printing

Before you put your history together, you should get in touch with someone who provides printing and binding services Fort Collins CO to find out what services they offer. How many pages can you include in your book? What size should the pages be? Does the company have the capability to add tabs or foil stamping? Getting answers to all your questions will prepare you to layout the book correctly.

Organize Your Photographs

If you already have your photographs in a digital format, that will make the process a little easier. If not, take some time to scan the pictures so you can add them to the pages of your history. You could either have a photo section at the back of the book or could insert them within the text where they fit in history.

Ask For A Proofreader

Before you submit your book for printing, you should ask some loved ones to look it over. Not only can they proofread for grammatical errors, but they can also check it for historical accuracy as well. This might best be done by someone who has been close to you for most of your life. There are also online proofreading services if all you’re looking for is a grammar check.

Send It To Be Printed

When you’re sure the project is completed how you would like it, send it in to be printed. Work with the printer to determine the color of the cover, the font, and other specifics. Be sure you order as many as you need to give to those who might enjoy it.

A family history of your life is a fun gift for children, grandchildren, and others who you’re close to. Get started with your history today.


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