Why People Need Art – Have You Ever Thought Of It?

The creative arts have taken the back seat in importance to science, technology, and math. Society and individuals, however, would benefit from placing creativity alongside the others, as artistic expression provides a number of benefits for communities and individuals.

Art Is Good For Community Cohesion

Art is a cultural expression that can bring people together. Arts-based community development Minneapolis MN is a thoughtful approach to including creative works in the community through shows, performances, and displays. While pieces of art can make a statement, they can also smooth divides and erase some of the differences people perceive in one another.

Bringing people together for a creative event builds a sense of community, and including artistic installments around neighborhoods improves the visual appeal of an area and produces a sense of pride. Including the arts in a city’s development plan strengthens the economy by offering diversity in business and job opportunities. It can also be a source of increased tourism. A focus on art in rural communities in particular can provide an avenue for regeneration.

Art Is Good For Individual Well-Being

Giving people opportunities to observe creative form and expression provides a social outlet apart from the standard bars and restaurants that line every urban downtown street and sprawl out to the fringes of city boundaries. Art invokes feelings and promotes engagement in the outside world and internal spaces. Personal creative expression has numerous physical and mental health benefits.

Engaging in creative endeavors reduces stress, improves mood, increases focus, and promotes healthy brain functions. A person does not have to consider themselves an artist, nor do they have to be good at their chosen form, to reap the benefits.

Humanity needs the arts. It has been a form of communication and expression throughout history, and for good reason. The community and personal benefits of art are vital for our societal and individual health.


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