Choosing A Mobile Hard Drive Shredding Partner

It’s not just physical files that contain sensitive information at your Boston office- fax machines, copy machines, and even hard drives can contain data that should be destroyed to prevent identity theft or a security breach. A secure hard drive shredding partner can shred your devices onsite and then melt them down for metal recycling.


Using a local shredding service for your physical paper documents is a great way to avoid the risk of security breaches from identity thieves and corporate spies. It’s essential to find a contractor with a strong reputation in the area that can provide you with peace of mind.

Whether onsite or at their secure plant-based location, your hard drive destruction partner should have a robust process to ensure that the data on your hardware is wholly destroyed; this includes a strict chain of custody and a thorough inspection process.

The hard drives and storage media within your digital devices hold sensitive information, including customer records, transaction data, passwords, and internal authorization protocols. Even if you think that your hard drives are inoperable or have been erased, information can still be recovered from them with free software.

An excellent mobile hard drive shredding Boston will physically destroy your hardware using either a piston punch or shear/cutter method. They’ll also recycle the materials. They should have a solid reputation in the industry and be NAID AAA Certified.


An excellent mobile shredding service is an affordable alternative to bringing your material to a drop-off location and saves you the time and expense of travel. A mobile shredding truck provides secure on-site destruction, ensuring compliance with regulations like HIPAA and FACTA. This protects your business from data breaches, fines, and lawsuits.

Some mobile services also offer onsite degaussing, which physically destroys hard drives and magnetically erases files. Physically destroying data-laden hardware is the only way to ensure that information is unrecoverable.

An excellent mobile hard drive shredding partner is AAA-certified, meaning they follow all the rules and regulations regarding onsite data destruction. Their employees never come into contact with your sensitive materials before, during, or after the destruction process. For ongoing service, clients can choose to have secure, locked bins around their office, and the mobile shredding truck is scheduled to collect and dispose of all accumulated documents.

Environment Friendly

The physical storage media of most digital devices contains a lot of sensitive or potentially valuable information. Whether for an individual or an enterprise, this data could include personal archives and multimedia content, financial data, transaction records, intellectual property, and more. These devices also host various privacy regulations, particularly at the state and federal levels.

A reputable mobile hard drive shredding partner will have the equipment and processes necessary to dispose of your hardware securely. They often deploy a degausser unit to erase your hard drives onsite if required magnetically. They may also physically destroy small volumes of hardware in place with a portable shredder.

An excellent mobile shredding service will offer recycling as a sustainable and environmentally friendly avenue for hard drive disposal. It typically involves repurposing hard drives for new applications or donating them to other users. It will also help to conserve the limited supply of precious metals used to manufacture hard drives.


When you use a mobile hard drive shredding service, all the data on your old hard drives is instantly destroyed. It will prevent unauthorized individuals from getting your private information and committing identity theft or hacking. It also will prevent you from getting into trouble with compliance regulations on a state or federal level regarding data governance.

In addition to physical paper documents, you should also ensure that electronic devices containing sensitive data, like fax machines and copy machines, are destroyed. Throwing these away or dumping them in a trash barrel is a significant security risk and can expose your business to a hefty fine for non-compliance.

Your local shredding partner can come to your site and destroy these devices onsite using machines that will obliterate the hard drives by punching holes, crushing them, or shredding them. It is the only way to ensure that the information they contain will be impossible to recover.

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