What Is A Wash Down System On A Boat? Basics Explained.

A washdown pump system comprises water supply and a pump. It makes it easier to clean off fish blood, rinse off the muddy anchor, or hose off seagull indiscretion and rinse off the deck after scrubbing down. To make this possible, you need a washdown pump installed and ready to go.

Wash down systems keep the boats clean and smelling fresh and reduce chances of corrosion, mainly where you use freshwater washdown.

A washdown system includes the following parts:

  • A pump (12v DC) with a pressure switch
  • An inline filter
  • A nozzle
  • Circuit protectors
  • A hose
  • Wiring components
  • Connectors

Tips To Help With Wash Down Systems Installation

Want to install a washdown pump? Here are the tips:

Pump Selection Hacks

Pump selection is crucial when installing a washdown system. You can measure a washdown system by its capacity to pump gallons per minute. Therefore, you should get a pump that meets the capacity requirements of the boat. For example, a 3gpm wash down pump can produce up to 50psi and hence can comfortably meet the needs of small and medium-sized ships.

Pump Installation Hack

A pump should be suitable above the high watermark, although most pumps are designed to still function in a wet location.

Consider the source of water for your pump. Most washdown pumps are plumbed to use a raw water system utilizing the water you’re floating on. Another option is tapping into the boat’s freshwater system. The amount of water used here is determined by the size of the tank installed, but this has the advantage of minimizing the effects of corrosion compared to salty seawater.

Hose Installation Hack

After the pump is installed, a garden hose with a trigger nozzle is threaded to the pump’s output nozzle. However, self-coiling hoses are a more popular and compact alternative to a heavy garden hose.

Electric Cabling Hacks

The pump drawing less than ten amps can use AWG14 wire. Otherwise, you’re advised to follow the manufacturers’ recommendation. To avoid corrosion, you should use tinned marine-grade cables and connectors. It would help if you also fused the circuit with a breaker.

After successfully installing your washdown system, you will never worry about your boat’s cleanliness, freshness, and safety. This will make your experience and that of your guests more enjoyable.

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