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Factors To Consider Building A Marine Dock

A dock is an important part of any waterfront property. It can be used for fishing, boat access, and mooring, and also give the ability to reach deeper water. Whether you’re adding to a new property or repairing an existing structure, building a safe dock with quality materials is key. When planning for the addition of decks and docks West Palm Beach, the reasons below highlight why there is no substitute for professional experience.


Statutes and rules in Florida can vary for each body of water and by county. What passes muster in one area may be unacceptable in another. Sometimes these regulations can be difficult to understand and keep up with. Applying for a permit based on all of this can be similarly confounding. Local builders deal with this on a regular basis and that knowledge is invaluable. Having the right plan before getting started is essential to prevent cost overruns or lengthy delays.


Building a deck on land is fairly consistent since the ground mainly stays the same. When moving to construction on a lake or ocean floor, the design parameters can vary. The water depth, soil condition and environmental factors can all play a role in choosing the right structure to build. This could mean a floating dock is more suitable than a stationary one. The size of pilings may need to be larger than they would somewhere else. If you’re unfamiliar with this than trusting someone with experience is the best route.


Digging a hole in dry land and setting a post in concrete is relatively straightforward. Doing it underwater with current and changing conditions is another matter. There are tools and tricks to setting pilings that most novice builders do not have access to. There also needs to be an understanding of which materials and fasteners will work best in a specific environment. All of this is key to a safe and long-lasting dock.

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