Parking Lot Paving – Transforming Your Space Into A Smooth And Safe Haven

You should seek a knowledgeable and experienced professional contractor for parking lot paving. They can guide you through material choices and ensure quality artistry. A paved lot will attract customers and give them a quality impression of your business. It will also increase their confidence in your company and make them feel safe while visiting.


A well-maintained parking lot paving La Porte, IN, makes a big first impression on your customers and gives them confidence and pride in ownership over your property. This can result in more foot traffic, business from referrals, and spending. Asphalt is much safer for pedestrians and drivers than dirt or gravel due to its skid resistance. Additionally, asphalt doesn’t deteriorate from salt use as concrete does, and the dark color helps snow and ice melt faster than lighter pavement options. Utility lines must be marked during paving to ensure the contractor isn’t digging up or damaging them.

The contractor will also need to remove any existing material that needs to be removed before laying down the new asphalt. This may require heavy machinery like forklifts, small bobcats, loaders, or dump trucks to remove the materials safely and properly. Then, the sub-base must be prepared so the new asphalt can lay down smoothly. The process can take up to 24 hours, so businesses must find an alternative parking location.


While the up-front costs of parking lot paving may be a little more than gravel or dirt lots, paved ones have a much longer lifespan and require less day-to-day maintenance. In addition, paved lots allow for easier ADA compliance, which is vital for businesses that rely on people with disabilities. Additionally, asphalt has a high skid resistance, making it safer for drivers and pedestrians. The dark color of asphalt also allows for easy visibility of pavement markings. Faded lines in your parking lot can lead to confusion that could cause injuries to employees or customers.

Reputable asphalt contractors can repave your parking lot with clearly marked walkways and crossings to keep you safe. Asphalt is faster to construct than concrete. It’s also more cost-effective and requires less time to cure. This means you can open your parking lot to the public in less time and with minimal disruption to your business. In contrast, a concrete paving project can take weeks to complete and will shut down your business during that time.


Parking lots are subjected to a lot of heavy weight, and this weight can damage or break concrete. Typically, large sections must be removed and replaced, which is time-consuming and costly. Asphalt, on the other hand, is very durable. Cold weather conditions, freezing and thawing cycles, and deicing salts damage concrete surfaces, but asphalt does not suffer these effects.

Additionally, asphalt is less susceptible to oil and other vehicle fluid stains that discolor concrete. Once the paving has been completed, it is important to have your parking space lines measured and painted so that your customers know where to park. Your parking lot may be out of commission once the pavement is fully cured.

Environmentally Friendly

A parking lot with cracks, potholes, and crumbling surfaces is a major safety hazard for drivers and pedestrians. It is also a reflection of how well a business is run. Having a well-maintained parking lot means your company takes pride in the property and cares about its customers. Asphalt pavement has a high skid resistance, which provides safer driving conditions, especially in wet and snowy weather. In addition, its dark color makes it easy to see parking stripes and other markings compared to lighter pavement options.

Asphalt is not damaged by salt used to melt snow and ice, which can damage concrete. Asphalt construction is faster and more cost-effective than concrete paving. It is also environmentally friendly as it uses recycled materials. Once paved, proper drainage will help minimize water runoff and the associated flooding and erosion problems. This is essential for preserving the sub-base and extending the life of your new asphalt surface.

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