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Top 4 Reasons To Eat Quail Eggs – Number 2 Is Great!

Quail Eggs: A Short Description

If you are looking for reasons to eat quail eggs, look no further than this article. While there are quite a few reasons to include quail eggs into your daily nutrition, it is best to get acquainted with this super-food first! After all, more and more people worldwide ditch the classic chicken egg for this little gem.

Firstly, the most distinct feature of quail eggs is their size and color. One quail egg does not equal a chicken egg. If you’ll ever put them side to side you will notice a huge difference. If you want to get really specific, the size ratio is actually 4:1. This means that for every chicken egg it usually takes about 4 quail eggs to equal in size.

In terms of color, quail eggs come with a speckled outer shell that ranges in color from blue to white, and even dark brown. The outer shell is also thicker than a chicken egg’s due to being richer in calcium. There are numerous nutritional supplements out there that use calcium in the form of crushed quail eggshells.

These small and oval-shaped gems are often hard-boiled or poached and used in salads or served as appetizers, though you could also just swallow them raw or use them in a protein shake. The possibilities are endless.

Top 4 Reasons To Eat Quail Eggs

Why eat quail eggs? The answer is simple. They are incredibly healthy for a number of reasons. From improving your eyesight to lowering your cholesterol levels, here are our top 4 reasons to eat quail eggs:

#1 Lower Cholesterol Levels

One of the most important factors that influence the co-morbidity of cardiovascular disease is cholesterol. This is precisely why so many people are told to give up on eggs – as they contain a lot of cholesterol in the yolk – and only eat egg whites.

This has caused a lot of misinformation regarding quail eggs, as their yolk-to-white ratio is higher than chicken eggs. However, the nutritional profile of quail eggs is different. Therefore, despite more yolk present, the type of cholesterol present is HDL, which is beneficial to the cardiovascular system.

To clarify, HDL is the good cholesterol that our bodies need in order to fight off the effects of bad cholesterol, LDL. Also, quail eggs are other beneficial fatty acids present in their make-up which will boost your heart health!

#2 Muscle and Tissue Repair

One of the basic building blocks of muscle and tissue is protein. Our bodies need it, plain and simple. Eggs, of any kind, are beneficial as they are a form of animal protein that helps our fibrous tissue repair as it breaks during everyday living or during a workout.

In this regard, quail eggs hold a special place because they are really good at muscle and tissue repair. In fact, one could say they specialize in this! Since they have higher quality protein, the body assimilates and breaks it down easier, creating new muscle tissue and repairing cells, bones and even blood vessels. This makes it an excellent ingredient to supplement your protein shakes with!

#3 Fewer Allergies

Worldwide, the number of allergy sufferers has been steadily growing. While the cause of this unsettling trend remains unknown, it is a well-known fact that allergens such as pollen and dust are impossible to avoid, especially during spring. Here is where quail eggs come into play!

Unlike chicken eggs, which do cause allergic reactions in some cases, quail eggs are considered hypoallergenic. This property is due to the presence of ovomucoid, a protein quail eggs are rich in. This protein is considered to play a huge role in suppressing the allergic immune response, meaning fewer sneezes, watery eyes and itchy noses during the peak of the allergy season.

#4 Improved Eyesight

The fourth and perhaps one of the most important reasons to eat quail eggs is the improved vision. Out of all our senses, vision is one of the most crucial one. This is especially true for those who are already wearing glasses and would like to opt-out.

While quail eggs are not capable of reversing your sight problems, they are more than capable of improving your situation! Thanks to the high levels of vitamin A, eye health can improve tenfold! Vitamin A is an amazing enzyme which helps not only renew the inner tissues of the body, but also repair them.

Since quail eggs are high in vitamin A, you can certainly count on a reduction of ocular degeneration which will improve your eyesight. Also, this enzyme prevents the development of cataracts!

Where to Buy & How to Use Quail Eggs

While you can grow quails yourself and have an unlimited supply for next to nothing, most people cannot afford this route due to a variety of reasons. In this case, specialty gourmet stores and Chinese markets will become your best bets. Quail eggs are quite popular in Asian cuisine. This alone should speak volumes of their nutritional profile! The downside? You will cash out about 6 dollars per dozen eggs.

Now, for the unimaginative, quail eggs are generally poached or hard-boiled and incorporated as part of some salad. While the use of these gems in salads does raise the nutritional value of the meal, the versatility of these eggs does not stop here.

Another way you can improve your lifestyle is by using quail eggs in any recipe that calls for eggs. This is why we’ve prepared a quail egg recipe for you below!

Quail Eggs Recipe: Spicy Pork Canape With Fried Quail Egg

One of the most delicious and flavorful cuisines out there is, without a doubt, the Spanish cuisine. Adapted from the popular Tapas cookbook, this quail egg recipe is really simple. It consists of a balanced mixture of seasoned ground meat spread on toast bread and finished with an egg on top!


  • 4lbs ground pork
  • 1/4lbs ground veal
  • 3 large garlic cloves
  • 2 teaspoons smoked paprika
  • 1 bay leaf
  • 2 tbs olive oil
  • 8 slices of toast bread
  • 8 quail eggs


In a large bowl, place all the ingredients and mix until you reach a smooth consistency. Cover the bowl and refrigerate it overnight. This will allow the mix to marinate, making the meat more tender and more flavorful.

Next, pour 2 tbs olive oil into a skillet on low heat and saute the meat mixture until just cooked. Using a spoon or fork, take a sample and taste in order to determine if your canape needs more salt. Turn the heat off and cover the skillet, without taking the meat off. Leave it for 5 minutes, as the meat will continue to cook without the aid of fire. While the meat sits in the skillet, grab a smaller skillet and fry the eggs.

Place the toast on a large plate and spread the mixture onto the slices. Top each slice of toast with a fried quail egg. Serve immediately!

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