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4 Ways To Make Your Potato Salad Taste Better

One of the best dishes to ever be invented is potato salad. It takes a short time to make, needs few ingredients, and is very tasty. But what if you could make it taste better? Here are a few suggestions that will make you feel like eating potato salad every day.

Add Potato Chips

If you are looking to enhance the taste of your potato salad, consider adding some potato chip crumbs or potato chips to your salad. Not only does it add some flavor to your potatoes, but it also adds some crunchiness to your meal. Some great suggestions that would make your salad taste better include salt and vinegar, cream onion, and barbeque.

Grill or Roast Potatoes Instead of Boiling

You can make your potato salad by roasting potatoes rather than boiling them. Your salad will have a crispy texture and a great taste. Roast your potatoes with onion powder, cayenne pepper, and garlic salt for more flavors. You can also opt for sweet potatoes instead of regular potatoes. They have many health benefits and are also tasty.

Add Basil

Any fresh herbs are always a welcome addition to a potato salad. Basil is particularly loved for the many benefits it offers. Plus, being an adaptogen herb, it can help with mental balance. Try basil, especially if you have used thyme or rosemary. It will be a good change to your dish.

Add Some Blue Cheese

Most people go with cheddar cheese, which is still a great option. However, blue cheese will leave a rich and strong flavor that will melt in your mouth, giving your potato salad an amazing taste. It is delicious and crumbly. Even people that do not like blue cheese might enjoy it when incorporated into potato salad.

Next time you are making potato salad, try out these additions. You do not have to incorporate them all at once. Try one at a time and see how you like it.

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