Why The Right Farming Equipment Matters

As a farmer, you are undoubtedly aware of the hard work you deal with every day. Over the decades, farming equipment has improved greatly, implementing technology and better mechanics to create an efficient and lucrative environment for agriculture.

However, there will always be manual labor and finding the tools that can help reduce the burden on yours and your staff’s bodies, like tractor supply hay spear equipment, can be worth investing in.

Farming Equipment: Why The Right One Matters

The Difference In Hay Bales

When we think about hay, the first image that comes to the mind is that of thin, gold-colored strands. They’re light as a feather and horses eat them. However, when baled, hay’s weight grows considerably. No matter the shape hay is baled, it is always heavy.

On the other hand, hay is baled in different shapes. While the weight is still heavy, the shape it takes is different. This means some shapes are more difficult to manipulate than others. For example, square or rectangular bales can be more easily handled than round ones. However, over time, these lifts will take a toll on an individuals body. The spine, knee and arm joints will suffer. Of all the shapes, round bales, in particular, are incredibly heavy, in spite of their physical nature. This is why finding the right way to move them should be a high priority for any farmer out there!

The Right Tools For The Job

As you grow your hayfields and expand your market, it becomes imperative to think about making your job easier. Not only easier, but faster and more efficient. Indeed, as your business grows, most of your thoughts will surely turn towards efficiency and productivity.

When handling hay, the most important tool is the hay bale spear. Hay spears are the perfect solution both for efficiency and productivity. They address both of these concerns, as they can lift and load the bales with ease while leaving them unharmed and intact. Attached to your tractor, a hay bale spear can easily transport your commodities where they need to go. By adding hay bale spears to your tractor, you will be able to get a lot more done in a shorter amount of time. This means you don’t have to resort to manpower. That would be physically taxing and considerably slower.

The Market You Serve

Naturally, the market dictates the production. If the market you serve demands bales for cattle, you would ensure your product is good for that purpose. For example, circular bales are perfect for rolling out to the cattle. This means you would bale them in a circular shape in order to address the needs of your market.

Other shapes work well for other purposes. For example, smaller rectangular bales work better for horses or in situations with fewer animals to feed. Depending on the primary market you serve, you will need the right size and type of equipment, such as hay spears, to help you perform your job adequately. For instance, two-spike loader forks are excellent for round bales, and the square bales work best with three or four-spikes.

All things considered, no matter what you actually do, farming is a tough job. For this reason alone it’s important to understand that it will always be worth the time and effort to simplify any task you can. Instead of wasting a lot of energy, time and effort on manual labor, consider investing in proper equipment. Using the right farming equipment can and will make your life a whole lot easier. After all, no matter what business you’re in, efficiency and productivity are very important.

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