DC’s Stargirl Is A Show You Don’t Want To Miss

If you’re flipping through channels longing for something new, DC’s Stargirl is the show for you. It has action, drama, and humor rolled into one, making it a standout performance that thoroughly engages the audience. The superhero teenage drama follows Courtney Whitmore’s life as she discovers Starman’s staff and takes on the new role of fighting for justice. Under her leadership, she recreates the Justice Society of America, an organization developed to battle evil and maintain societal order. Viewers are guaranteed entertainment and exciting plotlines.

Entertainment From Start To Finish

Okay, some comic book stories turned tv don’t hold up, lacking the original’s character development and intrigue. Stargirl isn’t one of them. Executive produce Geoff Johns and his team have worked hard to provide something that snags viewers from the start. Once in, you aren’t turning the channel. Too much is going on. Too many questions are lingering.

The story opens ten years prior, as the Injustice League decimates the current heroes. Those watching can’t help but wonder what has happened and where this storyline is heading. Initially, the opening scene appears to follow past trends with a turn-of-the-power scene. Starman passes away, asking for his trusty side to continue to fight. All may seem normal here (I mean, shouldn’t the friend get the magic), but then the show indicates that it will break from tradition. Starman declines to pass on his powers to just anyone.

Instead, loyal friend Pat Dugan is faced with storing the staff until the right person comes along. Dugan has quite a while before he finds that match. Don’t worry. Viewers don’t have long to wait as the camera pans to a young girl in the window, starring right at the sky. At this point, you’re likely brimming with curiosity.

Plotlines That Hold Interest

Are you tired of the same old superhero stories? With Stargirl, enjoy well-developed characters and a plot that continues to move. There is never a down moment; scenes smoothly flow from one to the other, building up personalities and conflict. In the first episode, viewers know that Courtney lost her dad. You know that the staff makes its way to her, but the journey to that point never fails to evoke a laugh or gasp. An added perk, viewers get to witness someone rise from adversity.

Escape from the mundane, stressful world with a lighthearted yet heart-pounding episode. Stargirl’s transformation and the League’s encounters are pure pleasure, keeping you at the edge of your seat. So find a comfy spot on the couch, and make it a regular show, and if the day gets busy, set your DVR to record. This is one show you don’t want to miss.

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