15 CBD Products To Check Out This Summer

With the cannabis wave taking roots deep into the society as an accepted alternative form of healing, the market is seeing an influx of a variety of products. Recent times have made it a reality to find CBD in a number of forms. It could be packaged as an ingestible, a type of topical application, lastly and arguably the most popular of its form thus far, a product that you could smoke. It goes without saying that as a cannabis enthusiast, you’re spoilt for choice and that you may get lost in this sea of products.

This summer we took it upon ourselves to remove the guesswork out of your experience and give you a heads up on 15 of the best CBD products to get your hands on. We’ve done our bit and have confirmed that all the products listed below have a Certificate of Analysis; this is assurance that all the products are of top notch quality and your mind can be at ease knowing that they will work for you in the way that they are intended to. Our recommendations have been grouped into categories to make it simpler for you to get to your preferred option and find what you need.

Best CBD pre-rolls to check out this summer

It would be uncultured not to start with the products that are undoubtedly the most popular and easiest to come across. Despite there being alternative ways of consuming cannabis, for some people, nothing is comparable to the feeling of smoking the herb itself. This is one of the reasons why there is always a new and improved pre-roll introduced to the market, to ensure that this niche is always catered for. Word on the street is that these pre-rolls are what you should be on the lookout for this summer.

Dad Grass CBD pre-rolls

This pre-roll gives out one of the mellowest buzzes that can possibly be experienced. It has the name Dad in it for a reason. The pre-rolls are 100% organic U.S grown hemp with promises of no additives or pesticides used. It comes packed in an old fashioned little pack that keeps the pre-rolls fresher for longer. When you’re experiencing a rather lazy day at home, and you’re in the mood for a puff, these pre-rolls will do just the trick giving you the perfect blend of vintage and contemporary rolled up together.

Alive & Kicking slim CBD cigarette pre-rolls

The name insinuates that you’d be partaking in both CBD and tobacco, but I’m here to confirm that that is in actuality not the case, aside from the fact that these pre-rolls look like cigarettes. They contain 0.35 grams of CBD, again no traces of tobacco, and are slim enough for you to smoke and finish in one session. Usually, you can smoke a pre-roll and keep some for later use, but this one was made with a discontinuous experience in mind.

If you’re one of those individuals that just need a breather on a rather busy day, to ease your mind and regain calmness, this pre-roll affords you the discreteness that you desire. Light up one, finish it within a short amount of time and get back to your business. They come in a 14 pack and have fruity and floral tones.

Cannaflower pre-roll flight

These pre-rolls come in delectable flavors and they’ll have you wondering why you never gave them a shot before if you’re one to push the envelope. Some examples of modern flavors that they have are Bubba Kush, Hawaiian Haze and Sour Space Candy.

If you ask me, those names sound like a fun time. There are 4 distinct strains with different desired effects that make it inclusive, something for everybody. There’s a strain named lift, if you’re looking to elevate your mood, another called joy, if your goal is to enhance the experience that you’re already having, the third strain is calm, this is for when all you want to do is unwind and chill out.

The last one is named rest and as you can already guess; its function is to help you relax. This is literally reading the consumer’s mind and letting them decide what mood they’re in and empowering them to choose the product that best suits them at that particular juncture.

If you’re feeling adventurous this summer, this 150mg of CBD per pre-roll with less than 0.3% THC content should be considered a worthy contender on your to try list.

OHHO CBD pre-rolls

This product offers a full spectrum CBD experience promising a rather quick onset time estimated between 1-2 minutes after smoking with the induced euphoric and relaxed feeling lasting for 2-3 hours. With these pre-rolls you get to experience the authentic benefits of full spectrum CBD with its abundance of cannabinoids as well as terpene aromas, the entourage effects provide for fast relief for any urgent needs that you may have. It is important to highlight that the buds used are hand trimmed and have zero chemicals applied to them.

Omura Libertine full spectrum whole flower CBD sticks

For this particular product, I’ll start off with a disclaimer. These CBD sticks have been specially crafted to work with Omura dry herb vaporizer. You simply put the stick into the vaporizer and it’s all systems go. But even with this additional pairing, these sticks deserve a place in your summer list.

Each stick contains approximately 0.125grams of CBD whole flower, no trim or shake, this indicates that you have the assurance that you’re consuming the highest quality part of the plant. Like the Cannaflower pre-roll flight, there are also four available strains, but the Omura Libertine has a few twists on its strains.

Suver Haze- This strain is known to perform two functions. Relax your body and rejuvenate your mind. Two complementary functionalities that leave you invigorated. It contains 19.17% CBD and has tropical fruity flavors.

Lifter- This strain is a cross of Suver Haze and Early Resin Berry and it contains 17.26% CBD. It functions to uplift your moods and elevate your energy. It works sort of like an energy drink, but better. Works better during the daytime because that’s when you need to expend energy.

Midwest Monster- This strain works perfectly for those that want it all. They want relaxation but they also want boosted energy. If you fall under this category, you don’t have to choose anymore, you actually can have it all. It contains 15.19% CBD.

Sour Space Candy- With 16.74% CBD, this strain is the ultimate serotonin boost. You’ll be as happy as you can be.

Best CBD edibles to check out this summer

Edibles can be especially terrifying because it is so easy to veer off the recommended dosage as they have a pleasant taste and the effects kick in real slow. However this does not stop us from exploring the best new offerings that the market has to offer.

Flor De Maria CBD lemongrass chocolate

This chocolate is some of the best tasting chocolate that you’ll ever come across. It is made with cacao from Venezuela and El-salvador, so you know that your mouth is in for a real treat. In addition to that, it is infused with full spectrum New York grown CBD. Each bar is made up of a generous 12 pieces, each containing 10mg of CBD per piece, totaling to 120mg of CBD for the whole chocolate bar.

Smokies CBD gummies

These gummies are vegan, gluten free and dairy free. It comes in a package of 10 delicious fruit chews with a total of 250mg active CBD content. The flavors come in a range of both sweet and sour giving you the consumer a wide array of choices to select from.

Sunday Scaries

These CBD gummy bears come in a pack of 20 each containing 10mg of CBD. Interestingly, they also have the added benefits of B12 and D3 and they promise to have you looking forward to Mondays with laser sharp focus and a super relaxed mindset.

Five CBD gummies

Five gets its name from the ratio of its CBD content to the other compounds within the gummy. The ratio is 5:1. Unlike many other edibles these gummies have actually coined themselves as CBD+THC gummies, making the consumer aware of the THC content that is available within the gummies. They are vegan and original and have a variety of flavors to choose from.

Bloom Hemp CBD gummies

If you’re not really the sweet tooth kind of person and you prefer that your edibles mirror the taste of the plant itself, then we’ve got you covered as well. These edibles do not have a pleasant taste and they offer full spectrum CBD gummies with 25mg of pure CBD isolate in each.

Best CBD topicals to check out this summer

The chokehold that CBD topicals have on the beauty industry is undeniable, a roundup of all the good stuff you should be treating your skin to.

Lord Jones high CBD formula body lotion

When you think of dry chapped skin and relief from soreness, then Lord Jones should be high up on your list. This lotion provides a divinely cooling sensation and offers unrivaled hydration capabilities. It can be experienced in both fragrant and non-fragrant forms with the 100ml bottle containing 200mg of full spectrum CBD and the 50ml bottle containing 100mg of broad spectrum CBD.

Vegamour advanced brow serum

The world right now is looking for solutions that offer safer, longer, thicker, fuller options of growing any kind of hair. This cannabidiol infused serum promises that kind of specificity. This serum combines cannabidiol, which is used for its ability to soothe and calm the scalp, with other vegan phyto actives specifically mung bean and red clover, where mung bean seeks to provide hair enriching minerals while red clover contains hair boosting supplements. A rather winning formula if I do say so myself. The result is luscious healthier looking brows guaranteed to have you questioned on the volumized state of your brows.

Ambika Pearl face mist

The achievement of a dewy face is one of the most revered skills of skin care savviness that is in high demand in the beauty world as we know it. This mist boasts of promises of brightening the skin as a result of its capability of hydrating on a deeper cellular level. This action greatly compounds the ability of the skin in its cell regeneration process which leads to a strengthened skin layer, making it easy to rid your skin of dead cells and significantly reducing the risks of getting acne or wrinkles for that matter. With all those factors reduced and in some instances completely removed, it then becomes possible to achieve the elusive dewy face.

Hora Super Serum

Serums are usually concentrates that are designed to penetrate the skin and work on specific problems to achieve faster results. Hora has gone a step further and paired up CBD with a number of plant based super ingredients to come with a highly effective product that hydrates, protects and regenerates the skin. The CBD is used for its anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing properties while the other ingredients such as Rosehip oil works on the pigmentation, Argan oil for the introduction of antioxidants and Vitamin B3 works to stabilize the sebum levels on the skin. If you look at it critically, this is a winning combination for your skin, there’s every reason to use this product dutifully.

Foria Relief Save with CBD & Kava

Experiencing menstrual cramps this summer, no problem, Foria’s got you covered. This salve combines powerful plant extracts to create a formidable product that has the ability different types of cramps and muscle soreness. It contains 600mg of full spectrum CBD per container and with the fortification of the other ingredients; you’re assured of quick relief from your discomfort.

The different products highlighted showcase the vibrancy of CBD products and the upward curve that the producers have taken in innovating new and better working products for the consumer. These are the top picks on the different categories on the numerous products that you could find when you visit a dispensary near you.

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