4 Reasons Living Near Water Is Good For Your Wellbeing

Neighborhoods are often built around or near bodies of water. Whether circling a lake, lining a river, or overlooking the ocean, homes with a waterfront view can be found almost anywhere. Why should you consider living near a so-called “blue space?” Here are four important benefits you can enjoy from living near water.

1. Getting More Active

Studies have shown that people’s physical activity levels correlate directly with both the amount of water in their area and how close they live to it. Bodies of water provide a natural, beautiful place to take walks, runs, or bike rides. They can also encourage people to connect more with nature by spending a little extra time outside. 

2. Decreasing Stress

Just the smell of the ocean can be enough to relax the body and mind. Similarly, the sounds of a gurgling stream or quacking ducks can set a tone that helps manage anxiety. With improvements in technologies that provide better cleaning and weed control for lakes, your neighborhood lake can lose that sludgy smell and be an even better place to take your mind off your worries and relax.

3. Fighting Off Illness

Bodies of water attract plant and animal life that can actually help humans boost their immune systems. Plants that live near water emit phytoncides, which are organic compounds that boost immunity to any number of diseases by encouraging white blood cell growth. Not to mention, the tranquility of living near water can also improve your body’s ability to fight bacteria and viruses by lowering stress hormones.

4. Lengthening Lifespan

People who live near bodies of water such as oceans, lakes, and rivers naturally enjoy longer lives and healthier bodies as they age. This is especially true for those who spend some time outside. Water activities don’t have to be thrilling adventures like jet skiing or scuba diving, either. Outdoor activities that bring you closer to water and improve your longevity include fishing, seashell hunting, bird watching, and photography. 

Water can be healing and soothing for the mind, body, and soul. Having a home near water, whether large or small, can make it easier to enjoy some time near the shore and help you savor the health benefits water can impart. The closer you can be to bodies of water and the more often you can surround yourself with the environment that water creates, the more you will find yourself becoming happier and healthier.

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