Signs Of Prescription Drug Abuse That Shouldn’t Be Ignored

Prescription drugs are supposed to be safe, as long as they are taken according to specific instructions. They are, after all, prescribed by the doctor directly as part of a treatment plan. Over the recent years, however, it’s turned out to be a source of substance abuse issues.

Prescription drug abuse occurs when the drug is taken outside of the doctor’s orders, in frequency and quantity. As a result, the user may run out of the medication even before the expected schedule, and so would have to go to the pharmacy to ask for a refill.

Early detection of possible prescription drug abuse is very important to treating substance dependency before it becomes a full-blown addiction. Here are some important clues that indicate possible prescription drug abuse.

Constant Mood Swings

Prescription drugs can have some serious effects on a person’s mood and behavior. This is in fact the reason why it’s supposed to be taken under strictly controlled conditions. Someone who may be abusing their prescription may experience these effects, such as feeling a bit more sedated than normal, or being too hyper or energetic than how they usually are.

At some point, they may become irritable and irrational, especially when they don’t get to pop their pill (of course it’s going to be in secret), when they want. They become consumed with thoughts of the drug and when they can score next.

Because it’s a prescription, it’s not something that they necessarily need to hide because it is illegal. However, they would still have to be discreet about taking it so they don’t attract suspicions.

Lapses in Judgment, Poor Decision-Making

Because their judgment is impaired by the prescription drug, it’s highly possible that their decision-making is also going to be affected. They may suddenly make decisions that are typically out of character, miss out on daily tasks that they used to stay on top of, and generally be scatter-brained throughout the day.

It’s easy enough to dismiss or shrug it off as the occasional fatigue or stress, but if it happens more frequently than it normally should, it might be an indication that it’s the drugs working against them already.

Changes in Sleep Patterns, Interests in Activity

Depending on the drugs they’re abusing, a prescription drug abuser might find it difficult to get decent, restful sleep. This results in them feeling tired and exhausted even before they begin their day. Consequently, this also impacts their ability to concentrate and focus for the rest of the day. On the other hand, it’s also possible that they want to do nothing else but stay in bed, feeling sluggish and sleepy all the time.

Sudden loss of interest over things or hobbies that they used to be passionate about may also indicate a change in personality because of drug abuse. It could also manifest as fleeting interests in various things at the same time, unable to settle on one for a long enough time.

Manipulating Behavior in Order to Get More Drugs

Prescription drugs, unlike over-the-counter drugs, need an actual prescription from the doctor before the pharmacist can release it to the patient. Without it, they are unable to give access to the patient, no matter how much they say they need it.

A prescription drug abuser, however, would go to great lengths to score a prescription refill, even if it means lying, stealing a prescription pad, or going doctor-hopping just so they can keep getting the prescription they need.

Any of these behaviors are worth taking a closer look at. If you or someone you know are exhibiting these symptoms, consider checking in with a rehab facility, such as Villa San Miguel Detox & Wellness ( for possible treatments.

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