3 Things You Can Do To Reduce Arthritis Pain

Arthritis afflicts numerous people worldwide, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that nearly one-quarter of the adult population in the United States suffers from this painful condition. Arthritis causes joint pain and inflammation and can center in the upper and lower body, including extremities. If you happen to suffer from arthritis, you know that the disease can have relentless pain, so finding pain relief becomes crucial for comfort throughout the day and night. However, three easy steps can help many with arthritis find degrees of relief and an overall reduction in the joint pain they experience.

1. Get Moving

Doctors often recommend exercise for their arthritis patients. In the first place, exercise can increase your body’s flexibility, including the joints, which can aid in bringing down the joint pain that you feel. Likewise, strength increases gained through muscular development brought about via exercise may also benefit the body parts with arthritis. The surrounding muscles around the joint become more robust and can offer support to weaker arthritic areas, thereby reducing pain levels. Exercise recommended might be as easy as going for a walk every day or include targeted activities with a physical therapist.

2. Temperature Treatments

Those looking for arthritis treatment Orange Park FL and elsewhere might discover that cold and heat treatments can bring a decrease in arthritis pain levels. As your body reacts to hot and cold, it activates blood vessel and circulation activity and neuron response, and it often has the side effect of lessening the arthritis pain.

3. Weight Control

Keeping your weight appropriate to your height can diminish arthritis joint pain. As you lose weight, it can reduce the body’s impact on the afflicted joints. It can, therefore, benefit pain nullification in those areas, like the hips and knees, affected by carrying excess weight.

Your pain specialist can offer the best counsel for your specific treatment plan. In addition, physicians can provide a spectrum of treatment options to help you find those best suited to your particular pain levels.

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