Different Ways For Women To Carry A Concealed Weapon

Women’s clothing is not always conducive to carrying a concealed weapon. Most clothing made for women lacks large pockets and belt loops. Options are now available for almost every occasion, from athletic wear to the most formal event.

Thigh Holster

One of the many concealed carry options for women is the garter or thigh holster. It is designed for use when wearing a skirt, whether it be long or short, and allows for carrying on the thigh. Several types of thigh holsters are available, including those that are made of stretchy fabric with a holster attached to flattering shapewear that helps conceal the outline of the gun while making it safe to carry.

Bellyband Holster

Another option for some women’s clothing is the bellyband holster. As the name suggests, it is a band of stretchy fabric that fits around the belly. Women’s bodies come in all different shapes and sizes, and the bellyband can be accommodating. It can be worn across the abdomen, up higher near the rib cage, or down below the belly line. The holster attachment point allows for the weapon to be positioned in front, in back, or on either side.

Bra Holster

Ever thought of carrying a weapon in your bra? Bra holsters are designed and suited for women who have ample curves and for those with a slimmer figure. Distinct types of bra holsters allow the gun to be drawn from the center, up from the side, or from the underarm.

Purse Holster

Sometimes on-body carry is not workable, such as during formal events or in clothing that does not adequately provide coverage. Purse holsters provide a concealed carry option in these situations. As with the other options, the purse holsters come in an array of designs to suit individual preferences. While smaller guns will fit in a small purse or clutch, a larger bag can provide concealment for a bigger weapon.

Purse holsters are made to conceal a firearm and provide for easy access. Some even feature a small lock on the access point to help keep the gun secured. Some purse holsters allow the weapon to be drawn from a back zipper, while others allow access in the main pocket of the purse.

The decision to carry a concealed weapon is an individual one, and options are available to suit various situations. Often, women’s clothing presents challenges to concealed carry. Depending on the situation, on-body and off-body options are available for women.

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