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The need for companies that remove waste and recycle is greater now than ever. Each year, the amount of waste in landfills increases. With more people creating trash, they make a large amount of what is in a landfill every day. If recycling is not done, all of this trash will negatively affect the environment. This paper shows the reasons why Florida Express Environmental is essential to our great state’s environment, how recycling helps it, and why you should recycle your waste at home to save the Earth too!

The Need For Environmental Companies

Starting with Florida itself – over 60 million people live here (most live along the eastern coast). All of these people produce household waste every day. This includes plastic bottles/cans/bags, food waste, and more. If we threw these things away without thinking of the effects they would have, our world would be a filthy place (imagine 60 million people throwing their trash on the floor).

Florida Express Environmental Recycles

Because all this trash is not recycled, it ends up in landfills which are already over the capacity. There are over 800 active landfills in Florida; those numbers should make you think about how much waste is created daily! All this trash collects and takes up space (and land). This means that less land for animals and humans to live on will result. The Earth also becomes hotter because there is so much waste scattered everywhere; compacting leaves room for air to get through, which results in cooler temperatures. 

All the recycling people help keep landfills small, but companies like Florida Express Environmental make all the difference when the community works together. This means that there is more room for people to live and less trash in our already existing landfills.

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