Tips For Maximizing Rotary Screw Air Compressor Efficiency

A rotary screw air compressor is a kind of air compressor that will use a rotor for air compression, and is most commonly used in industrial settings. They require a very specific service program that helps to ensure efficiency, reduce downtime, and save on operating costs.

When the maintenance programs are not followed to the letter, air leaks can occur and this reduces the efficiency of an air compressor. To maximize air compressor efficiency with your rotary screw air compressor, use these tips.

Use Shorter Hoses

When the air has a far way to travel, the compressor will lose pressure. When you use shorter lengths, you can maximize your pressure. The farther your air has to go, the lower pressure you will have.

Auxiliary Tanks

When you have an additional tank, you can use that between two lengths of hoses and maximize the amount of distance between the compressor and the tank. This prevents pressure loss and helps you to maximize efficiency.

Maintain Your Tools

The tools that you use with your compressor should be maintained and lubricated regularly. How regularly will depend on how often you use the tools, but a few drops of oil before every use is ideal, especially if you use it often. Be sure that you are using the right kind. The wrong kind will damage internal components of your compressor, and shorten its life.

Oil for your tools is generally labeled as tool oil. You will know it is the right kind because it has additives to it for pneumatic parts that are specific to air compressors.

Check for Leaks Regularly

An air compressor is rendered useless if it has some leaks to it. Check it regularly for leaks, including the tools, hoses, and fittings. You can check for leaks by running the compressor at the top pressure. Pump the hoses and pay attention to what the pressure gauge is doing.

You also want to listen to the hoses. You may be able to hear any leaks yourself. If your pressure gauge isn’t moving, that is a good indicator of an air compressor without leaks. When the pressure gauge begins to drop, that is an indicator that you could have a leak.

If you still aren’t sure about leaks, clean the hose and the fittings with soap and water and see if there is any bubbling. If known leak, it will show itself then.

Making sure your compressor hoses and fittings are leak-free will help to maximize the efficiency of your air compressor.

Maintain Your Compressor

Maintaining your rotary screw air compressor is integral to maximizing its efficiency. You also want to check for leaks to ensure you aren’t losing pressure unnecessarily. Follow the service program to the letter, and you will have your compressor for a long time.

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