Tips On Securing Valuables In Your Home

Jewelry, rare collectibles, vital documents, firearms, and more–just about any homeowner has valuable items they don’t want to lose. What’s the best way to keep them safe from damage, theft, or unwanted access? Here are some pointers on what (and what not) to do to protect your valuables.

Knowing How Burglars Work

When considering where to hide valuables, it helps to think about what a burglar’s going to do if they get access to your home.

  • Burglars prioritize valuable items that are easy to carry off. Cash, electronics, and jewelry are obvious, but this also includes DVDs and CDs, clothes, prescription medications, and guns. Documents with financial information are also high-value finds.
  • Burglars frequently check closets and drawers in the bedroom and living room first.
  • Burglars are opportunists and try to act fast. They won’t spend time scouring for everything they can carry and often won’t bother trying to crack a heavy safe.
  • Burglars often wait to strike when a family is away from home. However, they’ll avoid homes where their acts can be easily spotted by neighbors.

Under Lock And Key

Look for an expert locksmith Orlando for peace of mind. This includes not just locks on the doors to your house, but also a safe for the most valuable items you own and don’t frequently use. Alongside protection from theft, home safes can guard items against water or fire damage in case of a disaster.

Some people use their safes for hard-to-replace items of personal value, like a ring inherited from a grandmother or a family photo. They’re also a smart choice for important documents like birth certificates, tax records, or insurance policies.

Keep in mind that while a thief may be thwarted by trying to break a lock, bolder burglars might circumvent locks by kicking down doors or carrying off safes. Bolting down a safe (or simply choosing a heavier one) and having your door and frame reinforced are smart decisions.

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