What Makes A Commercial Space Look Clean And Attractive?

Commercial spaces such as malls need to maintain a top appearance in order to attract customers and top tenants. With that in mind, a mall or commercial space operator needs to ensure that they employ a top janitorial team to keep the space clean and attractive. Here are the top five areas that both customers and prospective tenants will notice in a commercial space.

The Floor

The floor is one of the most important areas of any commercial space. That is because it is the surface where everyone will interact with. The floor is also the one area of a commercial space that is likely to get the dirtiest. A commercial floor should be cleaned at least once a day to ensure a top appearance. Also, high-quality hard surface areas should be waxed at least once a month to maintain the quality of the flooring materials.

The Receptacle Areas

Malls and other commercial spaces will have lots of receptacle areas to ensure that customers are able to get rid of their trash. On busy days, these receptacle areas can get full quickly. Therefore, it is important to have a janitorial service that will be able to stay on top of these important areas. If a receptacle begins to overflow, it can not only create an unsightly appearance, that area’s floor can also become slippery and dangerous.

Bathrooms And Rest Room Areas

Restrooms are one area of a commercial space that can get dirty rather quickly. Therefore, it is critical that a commercial space manager has a top janitorial service that is able to clean all restroom areas multiple times a day. A commercial space manager should contract with a service provider that has experience in handling challenging commercial space. In the New Brunswick area, GDI Integrated Facility Services is contracted to work in many of the busiest commercial spaces, including shopping malls.


Windows and glass surfaces are other areas that can get dirty fast in commercial and public spaces. Janitorial companies should pay special attention to glass entry and exit doors. Handprints are a common sight in these areas and they should be cleaned multiple times a day. A top commercial cleaning company will be able to stay on top of these high traffic areas and keep all windows and glass surface looking pristine.

Stairs And Escalators 

Stairs and escalators and two other areas that come into a lot of contact during the day.  In fact, handrails on both stairs and escalators can become stained extremely quickly. Commercial companies should clean and disinfect these areas to ensure a top appearance as well as a reduction in the transmission of infections and viral diseases.

Keeping A Clean And Healthy Commercial Space

It is critical now more than ever that commercial spaces such as a mall or a shopping center maintain a top appearance. A trusted commercial cleaning company will be able to focus on the highest traffic areas to keep these areas clean and sanitary. A commercial property manager should contract with a janitorial company that has extensive experience in their type of property.

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